Sunday, August 26, 2007

Video Test--see my dog on Regis!


I'm testing blogger's new video feature. Here's hoping it works! (This video is from 2001).



Kay said...

That was fun. I guess you can't make those guys do a thing they don't want to do!
What do you do with all the, umm, moisture they produce?

Ane Mulligan said...

How fun, Angie. And what did yours weigh? And, Kay, we all carry towels around all the time.

I used to store my towels in the linen closet until we got an Emglish Mastiff. Now I just toss them all over the house. You need them constantly. LOL

Angela said...

We keep "drool rags" handy. :-)

And to be fair to the big guy, I was egging him on with bagels and food from the green room. They usually only drool when they're thinking of food or just after they've had a drink.

But yep, the drool rags do come in handy!


Angela said...

That was Justus, who weighed 275. He was a big boy, but not really overweight.

Justus is now in doggie heaven and my new mastiffs, Charley and Babe, are about 180 and 200 pounds, respectively. Charley is naturally thin and Babe is naturally a tank. But she floats (and she loves the pool!)


Deborah said...

lol that was the funniest thing i've ever seen. a doggy scale! the poor dogs are probably wondering why they keep going up and down in the air.

thanks for sharing this! my poor pug looks so miniature now.

Suzanne said...

Crazy! I don't even want to think about cleaning up the yard after a dog that big! LOL

Hey! Guess what I bought at the boostore tonight? Yup...Doesn't She Look Natural? !

Can't wait to begin reading it!

Angela said...

Thank you for getting DSLN, Suzanne! I'm a little concerned about people not picking it up because of the funeral aspect--but trust me, it's not yucky or depressing. :-)

And yes, I have "scoop poop" scheduled on my calendar two days a week. I go out with a little shovel!


jan said...

a "little" scoop? lol! and people say my dog is big...

Melissa said...

I didn't realize how big Justus was until I saw him standing next to you and Gary! I work in a restaurant and I had mentioned you tonight, in fact,about Justus and you being on Regis with the largest dog when we were talking about large pets. How funny,I get home and you have this clip on your blog!!

Bonnie Leon said...


Thanks for the video and for the laugh. What fun, especially after hearing you tell the story at the OCW Summer Conference.

Bonnie Leon

Christina Berry said...

Comment: I'm with Bonnie. Hearing you tell the story at OCW made that video even funnier.

Question: Did you use a personal video of the show? Are the any copyright laws involved? We have a video of us winning Family Feud that I'd love to post, but I'm too lazy/busy to find out if I can. :-)

Elsi Dodge said...

I saw stills of Justus (except I was mentally spelling it Justice) at Oregon Christian Writers. What fun to see him in person, as it were!

Just added a link to this blog to mine--spreadin' the joy around!

Linda G said...

Right now at
they are looking for suggestions by viewers of favorite moments.
Everyone go vote for Angie and Justus!

Bonnie Leon said...

Christina, did you really win Family Feud? You never cease to amaze me.


Kathy said...

Boy, I'm glad they don't weigh me on TV!

Kathryn Mackel said...

I collapsed with laughter, watching you try to get Justice onto the scale. Too funny.

Christina Berry said...

Bonnie, would I lie to the entire universe on Angela's blog? Of course we really won Family Feud!

So I really, really need to have Angela answer my copyright question. :-) Really!