Thursday, September 13, 2007

Deb Raney's garden

My friend Deb Raney has come up with the neatest idea for a blog! (Don't you love the picture of her in her bell-bottoms!)

First, you may know her as novelist Deborah Raney, author of novels like A VOW TO CHERISH. But she is also a homemaker extraordinaire, and her love extends to her garden. She has put together a blog at , where she features other novelists and their gardens.

I do love gardening, though I don't have much space or time for it these days (though I am looking forward to putting in my winter flowers--they just can't hack the Florida summers, so around October of every year I throw rye grass seed and put in lovely blooms).

In any case, be sure to visit Deb's garden spot in cyberspace--you may find some of your favorite novelists and their gardens!

Me, I'm still in Boston where it's CHILLY and I'm wearing a SWEATER! Can't believe it!


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Kathy said...

I borrowed your little ninja guy for my adoption blog. cool.