Sunday, November 22, 2009

"You've Got Talent" winner from the Ukraine

A blog reader pointed me to this link and it's amazing; I've never seen anything like it.

I wish I knew more about Ukrainian history. Obviously, this girl's painting tells a story, and obviously, it moves her audience to tears.

Simply amazing.



Hannah Alexander said...

I'd love to know more about it, too, Angie. Susie Warren may be able to explain more. The very short time I was in Belarus and Moscow, I fell in love with the depth of Russian and Belarusian music. They continue to grieve their war losses and honor their lost soldiers.

Kay Day said...

Here's a time line. No wonder the haven't forgotten. The Germans executed or hauled them off to labor camps and when the Russians liberated the Ukraine, they exiled many to Siberia.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story-telling technique. Mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing, Angie. Absolutely amazing! Clyde