Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's pray for Sandy!

Wow--today is 1/11/11. That doesn't happen very often!

A couple of weeks ago a reader named Sandy Snavely sent me a note that really ministered to me. And now I'd like to minister to her, and I could use your help.

Sandy is leaving today for Santa Cruz, Bolivia, ALONE, to minister to some women there. She'll be away from home from January 11th, today, through the 19th. I'll let her describe her plans:

The theme is “The God Who Writes Your Story” with 4 sessions that I’m calling chapters. The headings are as follows:

Chapter One:

Conception Day

I think I've seen the place where humility begins

Chapter Two:

The God of Twists

& Turns

Oh no, he's not safe but He is good.

Chapter Three:

We Have These

Moments To ...

This might not be the time to write my own ending

Everlasting Epilogue

I've read the last page and in the end God wins

As I’m sure you well understand…after the preparation is all over, and the bags are packed, and the women arrive with needy hearts…the Holy Spirit needs to show up in spectacular ways so they can leave refreshed, renewed, and revisioned…then I go home and welcome being forgotten if the messages are remembered and employed. That is the heart of my hope. Oh Angela, don’t you just love when John said, “I must decrease so that He might increase?” For me it is like saying, “O God, kill my flesh and liven up my Spirit, don’t let me love this too much lest I love myself for doing it and forget that I can’t even breathe without your permission. So be bigger than I’ve ever known You to be and I will be blessed and so will they.” That is my prayer…if you will join into it I would be ever so grateful. I’m old now (64) Angela…not that much more time to do it right.

Angie here again: will you join me in praying for Sandy as she speaks and ministers to these dear women? Let's pray for her health, her safety, and that she will know when to speak and when to keep silent. That the Spirit would flow through her and touch hearts. That the women present would yield to Jesus and his tender wooing of their hearts.

I've traveled alone out of the country before, and I remember feeling like I could fall over dead and no one would know or even care. You feel so . . . disconnected. So let's connect with Sandy and meet her before the Father's throne until she's home safe on the 19th.

Thank you, friends. I appreciate your faithfulness so much.



Anonymous said...

You, and Sandy, and God all had me, joined in prayer for this precious woman and her solo ministry. Still do. But my jaw dropped, Angie, when I read--she's a year older than me. I have felt hobbled in my travels for years now-- and am stunned at her courage and her spirit. Praise God! He is awesome! And I will continue to pray for her and these women through the tears and tremors here as So. Cal. has yet another earthquake. Thanks for sharing this.

Mary Kay

Anonymous said...

May God keep this wonderful women in His loving hands as she travels out of her homeland to minister to those in need. He knows she is doing His work, and He will keep her in His sight at all times. Clyde

Sandy Snavely said...

Sandy here: Oh you sweet women. I am teary at your comments. Thank you so much for praying, believe me, I needed it, I depended on it, and I experienced the power of it. There were nearly 60 missionary wives and leaders at the retreat, all full of anticipation and all with stories that were page turners. I love every single one of them. God answered in amazing ways. The sessions were powerful! I love hearing Him say, "Don't go there. Go here. Insert this. Take out that. And; just stop and savor this for a moment longer." As far as traveling alone is concerned, along with knowing I wasn't really alone, I also must confess - I lost more personal possessions on this trip than I have ever lost before; a bag of gifts for my grandchildren (I consider it money going back into their pitiful economy and all replaceable), 2 neck pillows, and 1 laptop (it was found at the Portland airport). Once I finished rapping on God's heart sounding like Nancy Kerrigan, "Why Why Why", I realized that I was in constant negotiation mode; signs, directions, language, customs, immigration, flight delays, ordering food, all needed to be thought through to the nth of what my brain cells could handle. But the women!!! They were why I came and they were what made it all worth while. God blessed it all and now may all of you be blessed as well.
In Jesus Name I thank you.
Love and joy
Sandy Snavely
PS, my husband bought me a Kindle while I was gone and now I'm reading The Canopy...it takes place in Peru...I can still feel the humidity in the air...Angela, it's fabulous as always.