Sunday, November 06, 2011

National Novel Writing Month

It's back! National Novel-Writing Month. So here's a video to help us celebrate!

Today I'm flying home from Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Christian Writers' Conference. Had a great time with new friends, old friends, and a former student from the single year I taught high school English!  Wonderful to be with so many folks who are enthused about writing, but I'm happy to be heading home now with a new book on my iPad.  :-)



k_stin said...

Haha! That was pretty funny! You all were very cute. I loved the dancing in the rain!

Ruthie said...

Last night in my sleep I had this GREAT idea for a novel. Alas, this morning it will remain unwritten...I can't remember the plot!! Oh well. That's why I'm not a published author...I sleep away all my great ideas.

Loved the video, though, especially the ice cream part. LOL

Connie R. said...

I loved the part of Lewis's advice that says, "if you have no interests, you won't be a writer?" Well, all my other reading other peoples books, keep me busy!! Like doing these blogs hops!! Love them!

Connie R.

Anonymous said...

I remember this video and absolutely adore it. You guys are great. And Angie, I thought you'd found the perfect day to dance in the rain. But see you made your own. Another good visual for writers needing to get BIC.

Mary Kay

Denise Miller Holmes said...

Makes me smile. :D