Tuesday, March 14, 2006

LOL about the purses . . .

What an entertaining list! I think I'll try to use something from everybody's purse!

The contents of my own purse are fairly utilitarian. I have a weakness for purses--I like to collect them--so I force myself to switch purses every two weeks just to rotate my collection. This tends to keep clutter to a minimum.

Inside you'll find a huge wallet filled with discount cards, etc., glasses for reading, prescription sunglasses for driving, prescription regular glasses for driving (I'm aging), my Maxalt tablets for whenever a migraine strikes, assorted pens and highlighters (most of the pens don't work), a little wallet for business cards, a little wallet for post-it notes and sticky flags, a change purse, a couple of throat lozenges, a mirror, a lipstick in a case, a compact I hardly ever use, a pack of gum, and a collapse-able brush. I'm the type who would carry a Swiss army knife, except that I travel a lot and you can't get through airport security with one. Oh--and my cell phone, of course, which I honestly use only for emergencies, and my passport, which I always carry for ID because I HATE my drivers' license picture.

Saturday, when I was cleaning house, I discovered a great way to knock several years' dust off a silk ficus tree--I have a six footer in my bedroom that makes me sneeze, so I took it outside and dunked it in the swimming pool. It seems to have survived pretty well, so I think I'll baptize it every year. (If you don't have a pool, I should think a spritz with the garden hose would work just as well. Yes, it's sunny and warm down here in Florida. The oak trees are molting. They make me sneeze.)

Found a wonderful review of UNCHARTED here. Thank you, Lauren Steigerwald--you were not only kind, but you didn't give the plot away! Also found copies of UNCHARTED for sale last night on eBay . . . pretty good trick, since the book won't be released until July fourth. They're selling "unread" advance reader copies . . . somehow, that hurts my heart. (The entire point of ARCs is for reviewers to READ them.)

I pre-posted this because I know I'll be busy Tuesday and Wednesday . . . so thanks again for the great purse contents!



Ruth said...

I tend to pick a purse and wear it out. I have the best luck buying bags from Old Navy for some reason. The purse I currently use (or satchel, depending on your POV, LOL!) I like so much I bought in 3 different colors (kept 2 and gave one to a friend). And no, before anyone asks, I've never done that before, LOL! ;-)

Lauren Steigerwald said...

Well thank you for the thank you Mrs. Hunt! It was my pleasure to read and review your book. I only hope that the positive review helped and will draw more readers to its pages. Stay the course!