Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Mac Attack

One of the most fun things about the new iMac is the tiny camera tucked into the top of the monitor. On its first night in the house, hubby and I were staring at it . . . and after we snapped the picture, we discovered that the Son was clowning in the background!

The transition has gone very smoothly, thanks to a couple of books recommended by Mac friend. SWITCHING TO THE MAC--I think I would have been lost without it.

My only problem to date is getting my accounting software, Mac version, to import my Windows version. I've done everything they told me to do, and it just won't work. Fortunately, a quick Google of the problem revealed that I'm not alone . . . a lot of people are struggling with this one. So tomorrow I suppose I'll be spending some time of the phone with a customer service representative . . . not a good thing when one is on deadline!

Yes, I have to have the second draft of the WIP finished this week because I leave for Colorado Springs on Sunday, for the workshop I'm holding with Nancy Rue, Al Gansky, and Kathryn Mackel. We're going to have a ball and we're planning some innovative things.

Better get to work now . . .



Anonymous said...

What a coincidence - I leave for Colorado on Sunday, too. (vbg)

Sarah Koopmans said...

welcome to the wonderful world of Mac... once you go Mac you don't go back, so i've heard and so i now say, 1.7 years into Mac-dom!

the quirks will remain, but they'll become normal, and you'll always be able to wow "normal" people with things like flying to see all your windows, or the "genie" effect when you minimize a window into your dock... aaaah Mac!

Congratulations, Angela!

A fan...