Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Elevator Movie

No, not my elevator movie. Someone else's. :-)

Found this on youtube. Apparently three kids made their own version of "The Elevator" (not my story, their own) as a spoof of those old disaster flicks like THE TOWERING INFERNO. If you've got an extra three minutes, take a look at this:

Cute, huh? Hope it gets you in the mood for THE ELEVATOR as the "book of the month" for July!


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Patti Goldbach said...

Finished 'Elevator" last night. IT WAS GREAT!!!! Now I'm sorry I finished it - it's like "can I just forget all I read so I can read it again."

As for "Uncharted" I'm sorry that writer made her comment before finishing the book. It did take me longer to read because I kept feeling like I was missing something. Then, as I read the last pages the whole book came flooding in. To those who have not read it I say: "I'm so glad I'm a Christian."