Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turkey Day is Fast Approaching!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don't want to work? I had one today--the weather outside was gorgeous, my mind was scattered, and I just couldn't seem to focus.  So I did lots of little things, including re-printing my work calendar and creating a new schedule so that I'll be sure to have time to finish not only the WIP, but the WIP around the corner, too. 

Hard to believe we're looking 2008 in the face already.  And one week from today--Thanksgiving!  

Dedicated to all of you who get up early on holiday mornings to wrestle with a turkey!   I've done this (well, not exactly this) too many holidays to count! 


Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Oh, Angela. You make me smile. Trust a woman who's done this for many, many years.

Float that turkey in a bathtub full of cold water!

(Helps a lot if you have TWO bathrooms, of course. :-)

Really. The turkey is perfectly happy in the tub, for up to a couple of days.


God bless you.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Well, this year is my VERY FIRST attempt at a turkey dinner myself... so thanks for the video! :o)

jan said...

thanks! i needed a laugh today!

Kathy said...

My husband does Thanksgiving dinner. Always has since we first got married. (He is braver about trying new things that may go way wrong.)

Suzanne said...

ROFL at the video.

Gagging at the thought of a turkey in my bathtub!

Seriously...leave it in the fridge until it's thawed then rinse it off on Thanksgiving morning and pop it into the oven.

Kay said...

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but I really dislike touching that nastly slippery, raw bird!

Angela said...

For the last few years, we've celebrated with holiday hams. :-)


Melissa said...

one of the most interesting turkeys we had was "basted" in muddy water. first year our family moved to daytona beach,a hurricane decided to come blowing through. it was right before thanksgiving and all the neighbors said not to worry that in their years living on the street they were never seriously flooded. nevertheless,we bought the trimmings to prepare and by the time my sister and brother in law made it home in the evening,flood waters had already started creeping down the street. to make it easier,they put the bags of groceries in a rubbermaid container and then had us float that down the street instead of carrying the bags. my brother and I lost our grip and out came the turkey falling in the water. *sigh* neighbors thought it was funny to watch and they all came out to watch us and take pictures(and not offer to help.wouldn't surprise us that there's likely a picture of us in cyberspace basting the turkey that year.