Sunday, December 23, 2007

How Precious . . .

I got the sweetest letter the other day. 
A couple of weeks ago I sent a bookplate to a friend whose co-worker's little girl has my book, "The True Princess."  (Follow that?)
Anyway, no big deal to sign a sticker for her, so I did:  "To Megan, a true princess, Love, Angela Hunt." 
So her daddy sends me a lovely thank you note and says: 

"She's always enjoyed the book, but she loves it even more now. Lately we've been reading it every night at bedtime--her request--and we can't just start at the title page anymore.  Instead she tells me, 'Start with the sticker, Daddy.'" 

Awwww!  Doesn't that just make your heart MELT?  



Julie Carobini said...

I LOVE that!

Marla Taviano said...

Melt my mama-of-three-little-girls' heart!

Kathy said...


Anonymous said...

Looking for a different sort of Christmas carol challenge? Try these:

Kathy said...

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us.