Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beautiful Western California

Today the hubby and I drove out of Monterey down to Big Sur . . . amazingly beautiful drive and national forest.  We also stopped at the Point Lobos National Park and saw seals and sea lions--and heard them barking!  And the flowers that bloom in this place!  

I got tickled as we drove along and saw a few cow pastures overlooking this grand view of the ocean.  I  wonder if those cows realize how fortunate they are to have such a gorgeous pasture.  :-)  

Took a few pictures that I can't resist sharing.  Enjoy! 


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I really want to do that sometime. Keep sending those pics! Have a wonderful, restful time with your hubby, and a happy blessed Easter!

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures.

We read Pretzels by the Dozen with our devotions today. Even my 17 & 16 year old sat there very interested!

Leslie said...

Happy cows make happy cheese and happy cows come from..... California.

With a view like that, no wonder the cheese is so *ahem* good.

Sorry, I realize all of that was a bit, um, cheesey.

Glad your enjoying your trip

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful part of this state. Do hope you were also able to spend some time in the artsy world of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Haven't been up there for several years now, but always found walking on those beaches to be totally therapeutic. Enjoy! Clyde