Thursday, January 21, 2010

Must See TV!

Whew. I just finished my latest collaborative project and sent it off to the editor. Always feels good to know I can clear the desk for a while . . . or at least until the revisions come in. :-)

But I had to take this opportunity to tell you about a new release. Last year I had the honor and privilege to meet Ted and Gayle Haggard, and to work with Gayle on her book, WHY I STAYED. I don't know that any collaborative project has ever affected me--changed my thinking--the way this one did. I learned so much from Gayle, and loved every minute of working on her story.

The book officially releases January 26th, but you may find a few copies floating around out there--I know I've seen some reviews online. But here's the big news: Ted and Gayle will be on Oprah on January 26th, and Oprah loved the book! Mark your calendar, TiVo, or set your VCR.

Gayle will also be featured on THE VIEW on February 1st, and on the Joy Behar Show that same night. So check your local listings, because this is one fascinating story . . . and I'm really curious about how the women of The View will respond to Gayle's candid story about forgiveness and the love of Jesus.

You will love this book, and I highly recommend that you pick up a copy--make that two copies, give one to a friend! I haven't been so convicted in a long time. Gayle has such an important message for the church.

Well, now that my desk is clear, I have a theology paper to write. :-) And then I have to get back to THE GRANDMA GENE. Remember that one? I do . . . barely. :-)



Mocha with Linda said...

I probably wouldn't have read this book if you hadn't been the one helping write it. But reading what you have to say makes me want to read it.

Linda g said...

And you need to start packing for the Heavenly Daze Cruise. One week from right now is our first session together. :)