Friday, February 05, 2010

Heavenly Daze Cruise Pictures

I wanted to post some of the pictures from the Heavenly Daze cruise. Here's a sampling. The first picture is an iguana in the wild--they run around all over the place down there, and our guide assured us that this 18 inch guy was a little one. :-) [You can click on the photos to enlarge.]

The second picture is of the Tampa skyline, and this is to answer Clyde's question about which building was the setting for THE ELEVATOR. It's the fifth building from the left, the one with the thin towers on top. It looks short in the photo, but it's set behind the others (though it's certainly not the tallest building in Tampa).

The third photo is of most of our group on "dress up" night for dinner. :-) The men were dressed up, too, but none of them apparently made it into the picture.

The fourth shot is something you don't see every day--two ships parked side by side. Our ship, the Grandeur of the Seas, and a Celebrity Ship.

Finally, the last shot is of Barbara West, who opened our first meeting with a fun game. And we owe a huge round of appreciative applause to Linda Gordon, who coordinated the entire event. Thank you so much!



Mocha with Linda said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snap of "The Elevator" tower, Angie. Your shot of the two ships is fabulous! I say again, you could easily provide photos for a coffee table book. I had a WONDERFUL time. Thanks to all who made it so. Clyde