Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yard sale!

We've lived in our present house for seven years, and we did a major de-cluttering during our last move. Well--after seven years, we're ready for another de-cluttering, made simple by a yard sale.

Our little subdivision is governed by the state of Florida and a homeowners' association. Well, for the first time, the HOA is "sponsoring" the yard sale, so we are all throwing open our secret stashes of stuff and setting it on the sidewalk tomorrow morning (unless it rains--70 percent chance of that.)

We first scheduled the yard sale for this past fall, and I collected a huge heap of stuff and put it in the back of the kitchen. But that sale got rained out, and while we waited for a new yard sale date, the hubby and I put our house on the market. This necessitated a MAJOR clean out and the rental of a storage unit, so everything--yard sale stuff included--went off to storage. Where it shall remain.

So tomorrow we're all having a yard sale, and all I was able to dig up was several boxes of VHS tapes, some curtains, and some country decor that serves mainly to collect dust. I could always pull some books out of the garage and have an autograph party, I suppose. Then again, maybe I could sell the HOUSE. (My realtor lives around the corner--that'd sure be convenient.)

So if it's not raining and not freezing tomorrow, that's where I'll be--sitting (and probably freezing) at my first yard sale in over 15 years. We used to sell everything for a quarter, but I suspect that times have changed . . .



Mocha with Linda said...

So you didn't get the yard sale stuff out of storage for this one? What will you do with it?

Kay Day said...

Have fun!
We're planning a move, too, but I'm just giving all the junk away. I remember when I had a yard sale how it was so much more work than I had expected.
I'm amazed at how much stuff we have already weeded out.
But I've already got friends claiming things, so it's all good!

How's the house thing going? Have you had a lot of lookers? We rent, but the landlords are trying to sell. There are a lot of houses on the market here and nobody has been by to look in the two weeks it's been listed.

Linda G said...

We have a block sale every summer.
Everyone has their yard sale on the same day. It is more of a social than a money maker. We just trade stuff!

We did first look at our house at the end of a block sale so we claim to have made the largest purchase.

We just had the estate sale at my MIL's house in LA. It was amazing the prices people were willing to pay, especially for stuff we did not want. Terri Hatcher and her daughter came. Of course I didn't recognize her.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! In my advancing years, I have gone the route that Kay suggested. I used to price-tag everything, but towards the end of my garage sale career, I just put a sign out, "Nothing over $25.00" and then quoted whatever price popped in my head when asked. Now that I'm really decrepit, I just give things away and take a tax credit where it's warranted. Hope it goes well! Clyde

Anonymous said...

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