Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cupcake Craze

I know that I have a tendency to get on "kicks," as my husband describes them. I go through phases. Fascinations. Whatever you want to call them.

At various times in my life, I have been fascinated with mastiffs, Leonbergers, gerbils, neurology, cardiology, knitting, crocheting, Lee Middleton dolls, Rowe pottery, Criminal Minds, Anne of Green Gables, cake decorating, painting, stenciling, rug-making, sewing, making hats, cross-stitch, bread baking, moving, gardening--you name it. I don't know why I do it--I think it's because I love to learn things, and when I get interested in something, I want to know as much as possible as quickly as possible.

My latest craze is cupcakes. It began innocently enough--baking cupcakes for my book club--but lately it's turned into an obsession. I watch back to back episodes of Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcake. I bought an entire Wilton decorating kit, not to do cakes, but to do cupcakes. I've become an expert on what makes a good cup cake pan. And I've been baking cupcakes--which I can't eat, because I'm dieting, and which my hubby doesn't want to eat, because he doesn't have a sweet tooth. Fortunately, the family across the street appreciates my culinary efforts, and I'm careful not to over load them.

Friday I made some cranberry cupcakes because I knew they'd work as breakfast muffins. Yummy. And yesterday I made some cream cheese cupcakes because I wanted to try decorating with a new piping tip I got at the store. Made a few with cream cheese frosting, took those across the street, and made a new batch of butter cream frosting to decorate the rest. Best of all, I discovered that butter cream frosting FREEZES. So I was able to make a batch and freeze them in my handy-dandy Tupperware cupcake keeper. :-)

Book club is next weekend, and I've been planning my cupcakes for two weeks. Our book is called LITTLE BEE, and I'm making bee cupcakes. I promise to take a picture. :-)

Until then, if you see a cupcake, think of me!



Mocha with Linda said...

Cupcakes do seem to be the latest craze. Cupcake cookbooks, cupcake pans, holders, etc. Sounds like you are the perfect friend and neighbor to have!

Christine said...

I like to make cupcakes rather than a whole cake. My sister and I get a craving for cake, but after a slice or two it just sits there. We end up throwing out most of it. Cupcakes are the perfect solution. I make a batch and freeze most of them. I use the buttercream frosting which I keep in the refrigerator. When we want cake, I take a few cupcakes out of the freezer, thaw and frost them. Viola!

I can relate to your obsessions. I go through different phases too.

Anonymous said...

I have gone through many different interests, too! I view it as expanding my horizon.
My daughter found a wonderful cookbook called "Hello, Cupcake!"
It has a variety of decorated cute cupcakes.
Happy baking, Angie!

Anonymous said...

In the past couple of years, there have been cupcake bakeries popping up all over the place, too. Guess you feel less like you're sinning if you just have a wee bit of cake in this delightful form. Can't wait to see your pictures of the new creations! Clyde

P.S. Guess what, Angie? I'm going to Ireland this summer! Our choir is touring the Anglican cathedrals ... singing Evensong in four of them, as well as a sacred concert at Canterbury! Afterward a friend and I are going on a tour of the Emerald Isle. After your gorgeous pics from your trip, I'm more excited than ever!

Angela said...

OH, I just got that "Hello, Cupcake" book, Miriam, and the one that follows it. Those are adorable creations!

And Clyde, I'm so thrilled for you. You will love Ireland, and I know you're going to be a part of some beautiful music! Bring back lots of pictures!

darien said...

I was in a cupcake phase two summers ago when we were planning my parent's 50th anniversary. I wanted them to have a 'wedding cake', but since we were having a barbeque, I decided to make them a wedding cupcake cake. Here's the link to the picture...

I ended up making three yummy flavours--almond, lemon and chocolate--at my home and froze them, then we shipped them across the country to my sister who works in the food industry and she kept them in the freezer at work until the week of the party. I went to her place several hours before the bbq, and iced all 120 of them. I was pretty happy with the production! I'm interested in your best recipe....hint hint.

Kay said...

aw, I always think of you when I see a cupcake.