Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mystery Keys

The other day I was on a cleaning rampage and decided to tackle the miscellaneous drawers--you know, the drawers that catch everything. I have them in the kitchen, the office, the dining room, the foyer, my bedroom, and even upstairs.

And as I was cleaning, I noticed that they all contained . . . keys. Keys that are a mystery to me, because I can't remember what they unlock. A diary? The hurricane shutters? A car? The house we lived in in Virginia?

So I came up with the idea of creating just ONE drawer simply for keys. That chore is currently on my mental "to do" list, because I haven't had the motivation yet to go through the house and collect all the keys.

This website, however, has given me food for thought. :-) So what do you think? Do you have that many mystery keys around your house?



Anonymous said...

That is totally awesome ... in the best sense of those two words. WOW! I love it! Perhaps you can send him your mystery keys, so he can build a table to go with the chair! Clyde

Kay said...

Amazing! Now I wish I had a bunch of keys. I've got this table...

Melodee said...

I can't get rid of old keys or old calendars. My husband, the purger, cannot understand this!