Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Six Dog Day

I went to the SPCA this morning and found six doggies who needed their pictures taken.  What a group!  At least three of them were so restless that they wouldn't sit still, which makes it hard to take pictures (especially when only ONE of the walls in our enclosure is photographable.  The others are just plain ugly, and usually call for heavy work with Photoshop.)  Anyway, there were two puppies, and you know how much fun they are, even if they won't sit still, either.



Kendo (his expression makes me laugh)

Darling Muffin



But here are the dogs of May tenth:  Muffin, Benji, Daisy, Kendo, Sugar, and Sunshine. :-)


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Kathy C. said...

aww. precious.