Friday, July 01, 2005

Gainfully employed

I am once again gainfully employed . . . under contract. I'm excited about this project, but it's going to be a bit intense. The completed book is due by October 1.

Okay-my reference shelves are groaning with books that will help me, and I have a box of shiny new techniques from Donald Maass, but my calendar is anything but clear. We have our booksellers' convention in July, plus I'm speaking at a writer's conference in August, plus I think I'll be speaking at a few schools. So I may not be sleeping much in the next three months.

Back when I didn't know what I was doing, I could write a book in ten days--first draft, that is. These days I take longer, primarily because I'm not just telling a story, I'm building a story, and there are layers required in the building. But the finished result, I think (I hope!) will stand longer and look better.

Today should be my last day of working on UNCHARTED--unless, of course, I hear otherwise from my editors. The book is a far cry from any of my others, but I hope it's an enjoyable read. And I hope it'll have the power to change hearts and lives.

I can't believe it's July first. Where DID June go?

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Robin Bayne said...

And now you have another deadline! Thanks for your posts on the seminar.

I have added you to my blog links, if you'd like to add me my addy is:

Have a safe and pleasant 4th!!