Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Headed off to Philly

Is that not the biggest cat you have ever seen?

I am headed off to Philly today to teach with my good friend, Nancy Rue. We're doing a critique clinic for Marlene Bagnull, director of the Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference. Marlene's brainchild was to put our names together and create a class called "Nangie." We even have tee-shirts!

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Holy Mackerel!!! I thought my orange kitty was big. He's a peanut next to this . . . creature. Wow. Just wow.

Have fun in Philly!

Anonymous said...

Indeed a very large cat.

But check out this mo-jamba:

Anonymous said...

Ok, Angie, is this a real cat or has it been digitally enhanced? That is insane! What kind of animal did they combine to create something so huge? What do they feed it? And I thought our Simba was big. I went to the link that Jim had posted and there is something wrong for those cats to be that big. Angie, they give your mastiffs a run for their money!