Thursday, September 29, 2005

So . . . You Want to Write Historical Fiction?

If you've ever wondered about writing historical fiction, you need to know that it requires all the usual novelist skills as well as a real love for research . . . because you're going to have to dig. You can't have your characters sit down to dinner without knowing where they're going to eat, what they're going to eat, and how they're going to eat it. Contrary to rumor, you can't just make it up.

Okay--I'll toss out two questions. See how you do at finding the answers . . . and if you enjoy the process.

1.) See if you can find the names of Jesus' half-brothers and half-sisters. How many of each?
2). How many pieces of clothing did the typical Galilean man wear . . . and what were they?

:-) I'll give you the answers the next time I'm able to blog.

Shalom! I'm in an airport . . . again.



Ruth said...

I have only had a few quick minutes to devote to this...Matthew 13:55-56...Jesus' brothers are listed as James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas. Sisters are mentioned in verse 56 but names & a total # aren't given. If I find more I'll post back!

Val said...

Okay, I got the same brothers as Ruth. And found a source that mentioned that Jesus' must have had at least three sisters because of the word "all" being used--it wasn't normally used in reference to just two (and obviously if he only had one, it wouldn't have said "sisters"... ;-) ). for names of sisters...still drawing a blank. I found a commentary that suggested Simone was one of Jesus' sisters (based on Mk 15:40 and 16:1), but I think they're totally off-base (Simone reads as part of the Mary Magdalene-Mary list, not "the mother of James and Joseph" list). Sorry if that didn't make sense.

Haven't found anything on the clothing one though.

And I totally just got sucked into this. *rolls eyes* I have other work to do. :-)

Anonymous said...

in a quick search on the net,seems they only 4 pieces of clothing. a basic tunic that may or may not have had colors or striping patterns,belt,waistcloth or loincloth and a coat or mantle which they could use to keep warm or material to sit on the ground with,etc.