Friday, December 15, 2006

Elf yourself!

Suzanne is right, this is too cute! Visit the above link and elf yourself!

Note: I heard on Good Morning America that this site was getting so many hits it almost shut down! So if the dancing elf comes up without a face, you'll know it's just busy!



Anonymous said...

What a cute little elf you are! Thanks for sharing this. I'm not sure I'm secure enough to see myself cavorting as an elf. Could leave serious emotional scars!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked that site Angela!

Danielle said...


Fascinating to discover that my newest favourite writer has a blog. Doesn't the internet make life so... accessible these days?

It feels kinda funny leaving a message for someone whom my imagination counts among the elusive untouchables; authors have always been people I admire from afar but never actually interact with. :)

Anyway, I just dropped by to thank you for your words. A friend has loaned me all her "Angela Hunt books" and I've loved them and been challenged by them. As an aspiring writer myself, I've given up in despair over the quality of Christian fiction time and time again. Thanks for reminding me that it is possible to share a rich Christian messages without the cliches and the cheesy composition.

Bless you!