Saturday, May 12, 2007

What religion are you . . . or should you be?

Visit the above link for a suggestion. Warning: the questions are not exact--I found several instances that didn't come close to indicating my exact belief, so I had to "vote" for the closest option. But the answer still turned out to be accurate.




Anonymous said...

ok, so this has nothing to do with todays topic, but i am just that gum balls on the book in the picture?

Angela said...

Why, yes, those are bubble gum balls. I LOVE bubble gum.

Last year my publisher sent me a huge boxful. :-) They know I'm energized by the stuff.


Kay Day said...

Well, I am a Christian. And the test confirmed it.
But it sure did narrow Christianity down and make it pretty unapealing, didn't it?

lisa samson said...

I came up 100% Orthodox Quaker. (??!!) 92% protestant evangelical and 83% Catholic.

Still chuckling over that.