Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gin, the Wonder Dog

I don't know why this makes me cry--it's not at all sad, in fact, it's beautiful and happy.  But still, I think of the evident bond between girl and dog and all the hours of work and play that went into this performance . . . and I just start sobbing. 



Anonymous said...

I'll tell you right now without even looking at it, if you cried, it's a no-brainer I will, so I'm not going there. I watched the horse and rider video and wept and sobbed. No more, Angela!

Anonymous said...

I cried too. I think it's that that dog is just so very very happy.

Anonymous said...

Definitely another one to share with the grandchildren ... thx, Angie, for keeping us so well-informed on so many fun topics! What a joyful performance! Clyde