Monday, October 25, 2010

Win an Advance Reader Copy of Angie's soon-coming book!

I have a few ARCs of THE FINE ART OF INSINCERITY to give away, so I thought I'd devise a little contest. The first five people who guess these answers correctly will win a copy of the book.

Here's how it works:

These photos were taken by yours truly as I traveled to research my books. All you have to do is guess the name of the three book represented by each photo. One of the photos could represent a couple of books, so I'll take any answer that fits.

So I need three titles to match three photos, okay? Just leave your answers in the comments. I'll post the winners on FRIDAY and you can then email me your mailing address. Sorry--really sorry--but U.S. residents only, please.

Have fun!


P.S. Happy birthday to my Mom!


twg said...

1. The Debt
2. Canopy
3. Afton of Margate Castle
I enjoy your books. Thanks Becky Gooch

Deborah said...

1. The Island of Heavenly Daze
2. The Emerald Isle
3. The Canopy

Mocha with Linda said...

Crossing my fingers. . .

1. The Island of Heavenly Daze (or any in that series)
2. The Silver Sword (or any of the Heirs of Cahira O'Connor series)
3. The Canopy

sharon white said...

1. Island of Heavenly Daze
2. The Face
3. The Canopy

Anonymous said...

1. Island of Heavenly Daze
2. The Face
3. The Canopy
fmartin816 (@) comcast (dot) net

Ruth W said...

The Debt
The Silver Sword
The Canopy

poetica in silentium said...
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poetica in silentium said...

I don't know thw answers, but the first picture is Christ Church on St. Simon's Island or Sea Island, Georgia, built on the site where the Wesley brothers began their first crusade in America. The story is that the cross inside is from a giant oak that once stood in the site, and that Charles(I think) would stand on one of the lower branches to preach from it. The tree was blown over in a hurricane. I've visited the church and grounds a few times - simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Remind me to tell you someday what I loved about The Canopy. I read it way before I met you, so it was even a completely unbiased read :)

Alycia Morales said...

My guesses are:
1. The Debt
2. Afton of Margate Castle
3. The Canopy

I am loving reading through your Cahira O'Connor series right now! :)

Kay Day said...

1. The Fine Art of Insincerity
2. The Heirs of Cahira O' Connor
3. The Canopy

Anonymous said...

What fun, Angie!

I'm guessing:
1. The Fine Art of Insincerity
2. The Emerald Isle
3. The Canopy

You have ARC's. Does that mean perhaps we won't have to wait until May 2011 to find it on shelves?

Blessings, Mary Kay

Linda G said...

Here are my guesses.

1. "Island of Heavenly Daze"
2. "Afton of Margate Castle"
3. "Uncharted", weren't they on their
way to build a school?

Kathy Cassel said...

Fairlawn (I was actually thinking you had a book with three generations in it but I can't remember...)
Afton of Margate Castle
The Canopy

HR said...

1)heavenly daze series
2)the face

chibiusa4022 said...

1. Heavenly daze series
2. The Emerald Isle
3. Roanoke

Leah Goymer said...

1) Heavenly Daze: Hearts at Home (or any of those).

2) The Emerald Isle.

3) The Canopy, Jamestown, or The Golden Cross.

Love 'em all!

twg said...

I just reread my comment and I put my books in the wrong order. It should be:
1 The Debt
2 Afton of Margate Castle
3 Canopy
And I was the first one too. Thanks again and I look forward to reading your new book even if I don't win one. Becky twgooch(at)gmail(dot)com