Friday, January 28, 2011

What to Do with Old Pantyhose

I rarely wear pantyhose anymore, since pants seem to allow me greater freedom and comfort. But every once in a while (weddings, dressy events) I have to pull them out, and there's always the question of what to do with a ruined pair.

(I've always thought that if we can send a man to the moon, surely someone ought to be able to make sheer pantyhose that won't run, but I suppose that would ruin the industry, wouldn't it?)

Anyway--this article is brilliant. I especially like the idea of plant ties and watermelon protectors. :-) I have also heard that pantyhose rubbed across deodorant smears on clothing will take that white stuff right off!




Mocha with Linda said...

And they didn't even suggest using them to rob a bank! LOL

I don't know - some of these sound like the pantyhose must be industrial-strength. I rarely wear them anymore, but it seams like today's hose rip if you even look at them wrong!

Leslie said...

Linda, you aren't far from the truth. Back when I wore skirts every day (this was up until about a year ago) - I would just budget to buy 5 pairs of panty hose per week. Even though I only wore skirts 4 days a week (jeans the 5th day) - And then I would just wear the same pair until I couldn't - usually only two days in a row. The worst ones to buy are the "JMS - Just My Size" ones - they would rip as I was putting them on! I stopped buying that brand. I *only* buy No Nonsense now unless I can't find my size.

Kay Day said...

I haven't bought panty hose in years.
But we used to cut out the ruined leg of the hose and when we had two we'd put the leftover good legs on each leg. We had a double panty, but sometimes twice the tummy control wasn't a bad thing!