Saturday, January 05, 2008

BOM: The Editing

I think it's fair to say that most of the editing occurred when Lori and I got together after the "merge" of our stories.  We'd sit at the computer together--either at her house or mine--and go through the book with an eye out for inconsistencies, etc.  Often we'd think of funny things--a direct example of synergy--and the completed project was much funnier than what we'd written on our own.  

Ami McConnell, our editor at Nelson, used to try to guess which of us had written which story.  :-)  
Most of the time the editing went quite smoothly--no major disagreements that I recall.  A painless experience. 

Tomorrow: results and reader reaction 


PS--If you're read THE ELEVATOR, check out this link!  


jan said...

oh my! that is scary! you know,
some cell phones may not get a signal in an elevator. i know mine only gets a signal in certain parts of walmart. wouldn't that be something? to have a cell phone with no signal! i am so glad someone came in when they did!

Kathy said...

Yikes. Are you going to send them a copy of Elevator : )

I'd like to think my husband and kids woulld miss me and try to figure out where I was.

Kay said...

What about the alarm button? Does that actually signal someplace else or just make noise in the building?
I say, always carry a backpack full of food and water, just in case. LOL