Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time's Top Ten Lists

If you have some time to murder, visit this link from Time Magazine.   I haven't had time (ahem) to visit all the links, but I did click on "Top Ten Fashion Must-Haves for 2008."  Naturally, I don't have any of them.  

But one of my favorite collections, by far, was the number ten on the list of "Top Ten Animal Stories"--Lobsters on the Lam!
Here's the story: 
"Run, lobsters, run! In October, more than a dozen jumbo lobsters gave new meaning to the phrase "late-night supermarket run" when they high-tailed it out of a grocery store and headed down the street. The determined crustaceans had crawled their way out of insecure cages, scurried across the supermarket floor and exited via the front door. Passersby alerted police, who apprehended the would-be entrées and gave them to an animal shelter."

Let's just hope that grocery store wasn't in Kansas or someplace miles from the sea!  Me, I'd have marched them down to the beach and set those crustaceans free!  




Dana said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting... This could keep me busy for - well - too long. :)

I'm just not getting the opening line in this post "if you have time to murder". Murder? Sorry. I'm probably slow tonight. :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Dana said...

Oh, oh! We're murdering our time aren't we!? Sheesh. I'm so totally slow. :) This is what I get for reading blogs and watching TV at the same time. :)

Angela said...

"Minutes to murder" would have been more alliterative. :-) But yes, when we have a cliche, we should twist it. :-)

But I suppose it COULD sound like I'm encouraging mass mayhem . . .


Marla Taviano said...

Word on the street is that the GodsMac podcast featuring the long-awaited "Angie Hunt interview" should be online tomorrow. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

So I'm having a good laugh about your post which was very much needed. I work for a company that's well known and synonymous(?) with lobsters and to top it off had a *pleasant* conversation about time management.(yes,I'm being sarcastic). Murdering time...hmmm...yah,I guess you could say that. Me and my twisted thinking...

Connie said...

We say "We have time to kill" time to murder means the same thing. I got it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie - I've been "off line" for the last couple of days - playing catch-up today. So sorry to hear about your ER experience the other day. You are such a whirlwind and have so many excellent involvements. Hope you were advised to slow down and breathe once in a while. God Bless You! Clyde