Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kids and Money

One of the hardest things for me to do as a parent was to teach my children about money--and the value of a dollar.  (Believe me, we're still struggling with that lesson.) 

I heard about giving your kids a clothing budget at the beginning of the school year and making them stick to it--great idea, but it didn't really work for my kids because they wore school uniforms. 

Anyway, the other day I read a tip in the Wall Street Journal that seemed absolutely brilliant.  How I wish I'd thought of it when my kids were small--and it's this: 

The next time (and maybe always) when you're out with your kids in a restaurant and they're about to order a soft drink, ask them if they want the drink--of if they'd rather drink water and take the dollar instead. 

Aye, see what I mean?  

As to the dollar with my picture in it--obviously, one day I had far too much free time on my hands.  Yes, there is a page where you can make your own money.  Just don't try to spend it.  :-) 



CrownLaidDown said...

Good idea---both the dollar and the WSJ article. I think I might even have them pay me a dollar if they order one :)

BTW, thank you for your prayers! I still have faith that we'll be able to get the books at the end of March :), be generous and pay off the other things! Hopeful!

Much love,

Kathy said...

If all of us go out then anyone wanting a soda has to buy his or her own--I buy the dinner, they buy the drink. I really haven't had any complaints with it. Sodas are $2 a glass most places here and that makes it $14 more for us!!

Suzanne said...

I love that $1 idea! My kids will totally go for that. "I'll pay you $1 if you drink water" it's better for them too!