Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cars and Drivers

Someone culled some lovely footage from various security cameras--for some really funny illustrations of cars and drivers.  Take three minutes to take a peek here.  

Oy vey!  I'm ignoring the fact that all those drivers are supposedly women, because I've seen male drivers do some pretty silly things, too.  :-) 



Smilingsal said...

lol Good and well worth the time.

BTW: In that garage scene, there is a MAN in the left corner directing the driver to come forward. HA!

Mocha with Linda said...

Yeah, but I also thought that man in the garage was trying to get her to turn her wheels so she wouldn't go down the hole!

I couldn't believe the woman that couldn't park - not that she had so much trouble (and I bet those were men that illegally parked the cars perpendicular along the other side) but that she tried so many times while cars were stacking up behind her! I was glad the man came and parked it for her and put everyone out of her misery! LOL

Thanks for the laugh!

Kay Day said...

That was just difficult for me considering we have one car in the shop - hubby slid into a median, he's still in pain - and my car needs a new bumper because someone slid in front of me.
The one with the gas nozzle was funny though!
Oh, and the swimming pool! Must have looked like a parking lot! LOL