Sunday, June 28, 2009

The MacBook

You know how I'm always saying, "Get a mac, get a mac, get a mac, mac, mac?" (to the tune of Bethoveen's Fifth):
well, the above video may convince you though I cannot! :-) Hat tip to Deb Raney for the link.

I ordered a new Mac desktop the other day because my old one was beginning to stagger beneath the weight of the latest programs. I love it! Too cool.



Mocha with Linda said...

That should save you some time in the airports! LOL

Anonymous said...

Such creative folks. Does yours do that, too? Just get a leash and head to the beach!

You actually convinced me at Glen Eyrie, Angie. Someday, but meanwhile, it's 3 x 5 cards for me.
Mary Kay

Kimberly said...

Funny! I bought one on Sunday and I'm still hating it. Everyone promises I'll get used to it though! (On the PC now by the way!)