Thursday, June 18, 2009

Post-It Pandemonium

Kudos to this design student! I wonder how many packages of post-its he used to make this video?



Anonymous said...

3M must be proud of him. Am sharing with my buddy who works there. I know she will love it! Clyde

Mocha with Linda said...

Goodness. I was thinking while I was watching it that it had to be computer-generated animation, but when I saw the credits, I wasn't so sure. Pretty neat.

Leslie said...

Me thinks that 3M will be contacting him for a commercial....

Kay Day said...

I love crop circles.
I really don't think all of them are made by people, but I don't have a theory as to what does make them.
I love believing there are still things we don't know. Things only God sees.
Maybe I'm wrong about these, but I like thinking that way.

I haven't seen signs. I'll have to do that.