Monday, July 27, 2009

The Caruso School of Acting

Okay, I'll confess--I LIKE David Caruso. (Did I spell that right?) But when you watch this collection of video clips, you see that his style of acting is apparently limited. (Or maybe that's just how he's directed).

Deadpan expression: "Yada yada yada yad" (dramatic pause, put on sunglasses) . . . "Yada badda bing."

LOL! After a while, it's really funny. Enjoy! (And the next time you see my pal Alton Gansky, ask him to do his David Caruso impression. It's hilarious!)



Andyz1girl said...

He's from the Jack Lord School of Acting (per Hawaii 5-0) has the opening segment featuring Mr. Lord. You can see the similarity!

Heather said...

My husband hates to watch CSI Miami because of these one liners... I now have a video to drive him crazy with! HAHA! Thanks!!!