Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A dog that says meow?

A tip of the hat to Clyde for sending this snippet . . . . though I must confess, my reaction is like Simon's. I just keep asking, "Why?"



SmilingSally said...

Strange. Although the notes were hit, I did not like it. I'd have voted "no."

Mocha with Linda said...

I saw this shortly after it happened and put it on my blog. It cracked me up. I loved watching the judges' expressions, and Simon's utter perplexity. "It's like a dog meowing." LOL

He was in the semi-finals this year.

There's a whole list of notable 20th/21st century countertenors on Wikipedia.

Ruthie said...

A good countertenor is rare. However, the Russian Male Chorus has a slew of exceptionally good ones. What makes this guy exceptional is that the higher the range, the better he is. I am a soprano,too...I should sound so good! LOL