Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book Report on THE CANOPY

My friend Tracey Bateman sent me a link to her young friend McKenna's book report on THE CANOPY. I was so tickled and so impressed! Such a young girl to be reading such a grownup book! She was in the sixth grade when she did this. :-)

We got McKenna's parents' permission to share the link to the video with you, so you can enjoy McKenna's excellent work, too.

Thank you, McKenna, for your fine presentation! I loved it!



Ruthie said...

McKenna did a great job! It was obvious that she liked the book. But then, doesn't everyone who reads it? LOL

Angela said...

Actually, Ruthie, I've had people say that they put it down because they couldn't follow it. Too much medicine. :-)


Lynda in MO said...

Well done, McKenna! The Canopy is my all-time favorite Angie book and I loved the way McKenna described it. I sure hope she got an "A" for that one!