Saturday, August 08, 2009

VUI--Very Useful Information

Here's something you just might need to know--how to survive being accosted by a tarantula. I saw these guys loose and running around when I was in the Amazon rainforest researching THE CANOPY. Didn't have one jump on me, though--if I had, I'm not sure I'd be typing this now. :-) But the correct response is far easier said than done, no?

Do nothing. LOL. Yeah, right. I'm thinking I'm gonna scream.



Momstheword said...

The ones that live in our part of the U.S. aren't poisonous. At least I hope not. I've let a few crawl on me over the years. Now if he came in on a banana boat, well, maybe................

Ruthie said...

Do nothing? You've gotta be kidding!

I'm with you, Angie. Screaming will be the first order of business...along with panicking. And then trying to sling the thing off me as I run in the opposite direction!

Methinks you were extremely brave to tackle the Amazon.

Linda said...

Just seeing them in a 'pet store' gave me the willies. I'd scream--LOUDLY!