Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Contest HINTS

To help make it easier, I'll offer you one hint today, and one tomorrow.

Today's hint:

Don't trust everything everyone else has written in their comments.

And yes, if you want to revise your entry, you may enter again today.



Mocha with Linda said...

Hmmpff. That's a hint, huh?! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! A day late, and a brain short, I'll jump in for the fun of it.

1. The Island of Heavenly Daze
2. The Emerald Isle
3. The Canopy

Not very original but that's my best shot for now. Clyde

Kathy C. said...

heavenly days

the face

the canopy

Leslie said...

1) The Fine Art of Insincerity
2)Afton of Margate Castle