Monday, January 02, 2006

The 90-Day Challenge!

Bible Reading Schedule:
Sun: Ge 1:1-Ge 16:16
Mon: Ge 17:1-Ge 28:19
Tue: Ge 28:20-Ge 40:11
Wed: Ge 40:12-Ge 50:26
Thu: Ex 1:1-Ex 15:18
Fri: Ex 15:19-Ex 28:43
Sat: Ex. 29:1-Ex 40:38

Yesterday I had to laugh at myself. I began the day by reading the 12 pages of Genesis for the 90-Day challenge and boy, it felt like a lot. Creation through Abraham!

But then I curled into a chair and read 500 pages of THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE for my book club that meets tonight . . . and now I have to giggle. Twelve pages is nothing compared to what I read every day! And if I can't manage 12 pages, well, there's something seriously wrong with my time management skills.

Robin Lee Hatcher posted some tips from her church on how to manage the challenge. If these are helpful, have at 'em:

· Memorize your mission: to read, attentively, every word of the Bible in 90 days.
· Don’t expect to recall everything you read. At this point, focus on what you can recall and don’t worry about the rest. (Keep reminding them of this — exposure, not mastery is the goal!)
· Don’t expect to understand everything you read. Pay attention to what you do understand and don’t worry about the rest.
· Try breaking up your reading into at least two daily sessions, rather than attempting to do it all at once.
· Carry a Bible with you so you can seize idle moments.
· Listen to the Bible on CD as you drive to and from work, as you walk or jog, or as you do work around the house or yard.

Hope you're doing well!


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Angela said...

My book club and I will talk about TTW a LOT tonight--wish you could be here. I LOVED the concept, the beginning and the ending.
I'll have to report on what the other ladies say tonight. We don't always agree.