Friday, February 17, 2006

My Parents and 50 years

I'm out of town this weekend, driving over to my parents' home on the east coast of Florida. My folks have been married 50 years! Can you believe it?

And here I thought I deserved a medal for 25 years.

Seriously--the other day I told someone I'd been married 25 years and they gasped. Not because I don't look like I've been married that long, but because in today's marital climate, that seems like a looooooong time.

And so it is. But 50 years is half a century. My mom was seventeen when they married, my dad 20, so they've been married most of their lives!

Happy anniversary, M&D. Thanks for paving the way.



Ane Mulligan said...

Thanks for sharing this milestone with us, Angie. Please extend my congratulations to your parents. Mine were married 62 years before going home to the Lord within 4 months of each other after a lifetime of serving Him.

My husband and I have 35 years under our belts. I can't believe it; it still feels like only 10. I'm only 39, so how did this happen? ;o)

Ruth said...

Congrats to your folks! That is wonderful to hear...thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think when you see "celebrities" that change marriages faster than a new season begins. I think in this day and age when a couple makes it five years it is a cause for rejoicing. There is an assault on marriage unparalled.