Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Blessed Easter to You All!

I once heard the story of two boys who were working on a float for the Easter parade. They made a cross and covered it with ribbons and flowers, then put it in the center of the float.

"Oh, no," their pastor said when he saw the float. "You've got it all wrong, boys. The cross wasn't a beautiful thing--it was old and ugly and rough."

The youngest boy looked up at the preacher. "But Reverend," he said, "I thought Jesus never touched anything and left it the same."

Ah . . . truer words were never spoken. May you take time today to appreciate the true miracle of Easter.



Anonymous said...

I am doing a criticism of your children's story: The Singing Shepherd for a Biblical Studies course in college. I am looking at the literary and historical context, the biblical allusions you choose to use and the themes you wish to convey. I looked for your e-mail address on your website but could not find it. Could I your e-mail address in case of questions as I work on this project? Also, what Christian denomination are you? And what did you envision for the Singing Shepherd story?

Angela said...

There's a link to email me at the bottom of my web page . . . and I happen to belong to a Baptist Church, though I'd describe myself as a follower of Christ, period.

As to what I envisoned for the Singing Shepherd--well, if you have the book, you're looking at it.