Saturday, November 18, 2006

We haven't given up on Alias yet!

Okay, all you Alias fans! The link above takes you to an online game that promises to give you all the answers to your unsolved Alias questions . . . plus the game's a lot of fun. It's all to promote the sale of the new Alias DVD collection--all five seasons in a keepsake Rambaldi box.

HT to Kelli Standish for pointing me to the game. Once I got started, I couldn't quit until I'd solved all four levels. Try your memory, skill, and luck! And let me know how you do!
(HT also to Kelli for the cool Alias font in the picture!)



Rachelle said...

Angie, I've always loved that you're an Alias fan! I really want that five-season DVD set. Hmm, maybe I can get my hubby to read this comment...

I wanted to thank you for your comment on Deb's post on Charis. "I don't know a single Christian novelist who is not striving to reach higher and write better. So won't you join me in my quest to not only do the same in my writing, but to urge others to do so in theirs?" I wanted to say, YES, I am joining you! I'm a CBA fiction editor as well as a non-fiction writer. I've posted a couple of times on my blog about my love for encouraging writers, and I really do feel this is my calling. Not to criticize or judge, but to cheer on and assist others in reaching their highest calling. Thanks for what you said.

(And... The Debt and The Shadow Women remain two of my favorite novels ever!)

The two posts on my blog I mentioned are "Editor's Paradox" May 31, and "Red Pen Blues" Sept 10.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Alias! I'm still so sad that it's over. I have to admit to pulling out season two last night and watching a couple episodes! I haven't even seen season 5 yet. Can't wait for the cube!

Thanks for the link.