Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Does Google Think of You?

Ever think that all these computers are spying on you? They may be! I know that if you use gmail (I do), webbots are constantly scanning the contents of your email and placing appropriate ads on the page where you view your mail.

In any case, this is interesting. Visit http://www.googlism.com to see what Google thinks of you! You can enter your name or the name of whomever, even a place or thing. It's fun! (Hint: don't use quotation marks in your search term.)

I'm in Nashville Monday and Tuesday, doing work for my nonfiction WIP. More details to come later. It's rainy and gray here, and I'm suddenly very grateful to live in the land of almost-constant sunshine.



Anonymous said...

Fun site, but it says that Google doesn't know anything about me yet. Which I suppose can be a good thing!

Have fun in Nashville, I love it there!

eileen said...

Wow! Google thinks you rock. I knew they were smart!

Ruth said...

Tell me about it, the weather here is terrible today! Welcome to Nashville -- LOL!

Anonymous said...

Have to be careful, though. It didn't know anything about me using my full (first and last)name, so out of curiosity I used only my first name and got a LOT of incredibly obscene statements. Oops.