Friday, April 06, 2007

BOM: Results and Reader Reaction

Photo: the original cover.

I have a friend who tells me his teenage daughter learned how to be independent through reading my "spunky woman" books. I don't know if that's true, but I do think this is one of my favorite comments on Amazon:

The lessons taught through each of the female characters in this series combine to reveal a most beautiful creation in the Lord--woman. Spiritual strength, creative joy, raw courage, responsibility, commitment, obedience, ingenuity, compassionate wisdom, all with a sense of humor. I loved the way this series ended! As always, there was wonderful spiritual counsel and wisdom all the way through this novel and the entire series.

am not a strident feminist, but I do believe we women have incredible strengths and gifts. God has given us powers--particularly the power of influence--and we must know how to use them wisely. My Cahira girls don't abandon the role of womanhood because they dislike being women; they do it because circumstances force them to be creative and clever. And they are . . . no doormats here! But all of them find their place in partnership with a godly man (yes, these books have romance!), and all of them find their worth in the Lord.

Tomorrow: any questions? Leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.



Anonymous said...

Hey Angie - Loved this series. I've read them a couple times and now want to read them again! Unfortunately (or fortunately I suppose!) I have a stack of never read books to read first.
You mentioned that you worked with a freelance editor on one of these books. Do you often work with freelancers? Do a lot of the publishers you work with hire them? Just curious since that is what I want to get into!

Deborah said...

Since such a big deal was made about Cahira and her descendants having to disguise themselves as guys, did you ever intend on Kathleen having to do it herself?

One thing I liked about the last book was that while the reader got frustrated with Taylor and his fiance for not really thinking about Kathleen's feelings about their wedding, Kathleen takes it really well but still acts frustrated with them which I found to be very realistic. And that was a really run on sentence...