Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Truman Show Comes to Life!

If you have a few moments to kill, check out . (Get it? Just-in TV?)

Anyway, this young guy, Justin, has promised to wear a live camera until he dies. He's supposed to wear it even when eating, sleeping, and performing various other personal hygiene functions. (Not to wish the guy ill, but if he wore it while having major surgery or something . . . now that'd be great TV!)

Anyway, I'm not sure how this team of Justin's guys is supposed to get rich off this experiment. I watched about five minutes the other day and decided that Justin leads a fairly boring life. But if I wore a camera 24/7, people would definitely say the same thing about me, so who am I to judge?

It is interesting to consider, however--if you KNEW the world was watching over your shoulder (poor Truman didn't know), would that realization modify your behavior? In what ways? Hmmm . . .


HT to Brad Do-Dah for the lead on Justin.


Dana said...

LOL - you're so funny! 5 minutes is all it took to determine he had a boring life... But it's true. They'd say the same about mine. What is it they say about books - it's life with the boring parts taken out?

What would I change if I knew a camera was on me? Ugh. Everything. I guess it wouldn't take long for me to die because I don't think I'd ever want to go to the bathroom. It's just weird.

Lynda said...

Man, this guy is desperate for his 15 minutes of fame! Of course that's probably as long as anyone will stay tuned to his one-man show!

Hey Angie, I have two questions for you. Right now I am listening again to the audio version of The Canopy (my favorite of your books!). Do you have plans to do any more audio books? I'm so glad you did this one as it's more fun listening to you pronounce those weird medical terms! :-)

Second question, I've recently purchased an IPOD and have been on ITunes. I noticed they have only one Christian fiction book for download -- I think it's Left Behind. Is there a reason why more Christian fiction is not there? Does it have to do with the publishers not wanting to have their books downloaded for some reason, or is it just that ITunes doesn't know about the market out here for good Christian fiction? Just wondered.

Kay Day said...

We can excuse poor Truman. He was duped. This guy? I think he's just a dope.
I watched him roll over in bed this morning. And just now he handed a co-worker a cup of coffee. I was on pins and needles.

I wonder how his co-workers feel about this. Did they have to sign a waver?

Anonymous said...

What IS up with that? Was there a big outcry for a 24 hour look into his world?

I'm sorry, but I just find that weird. And anyone watching it . . . also just weird. Although, clearly not weird if you just clicked over to see what it was all about, like us, but if we go BACK . . . weird.

Angela said...


All book sellers figure a book has to sell x number of copies--and it's a pretty high number--before they'll automatically do an audio version. OR an audio company (like Oasis or Recorded books) has to opt to do a recorded version.

I have no idea why there aren' more audio books available at the iTunes store; maybe they're just figuring out the technology. Or maybe they just haven't thought about that avenue of distribution.

But I'm glad you're enjoying the audio version of The Canopy. Bill and I had a hoot recording it. Way too many accents! Tee hee.