Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back by request . . .

Title Trakk has asked 31 authors about their most special Christmas memory.  If you'd like to read them, here's the link

Back from last year, here's the link to elf yourself!  This is me and my hubby . . . too funny!  

You can elf yourself, too--doesn't require any special software.  Enjoy!



Kathy Cassel said...

You make a very cute elf!

Anonymous said...

you guys are so cute! I did one on my blog a week or so ago of my daughter and me.

Anonymous said...

now that was just too cool! you do make cute elves!

Anonymous said...

oh, by the way, is this your house? it is beautiful!

Angela said...

Yep. that's our front porch.

(I was praying the dogs wouldn't run out the front door!)