Monday, December 31, 2007

A Metaphor for the New Year . . .

That meme was really instructive . . . it seems that every ten years, the Lord leads me in a different direction.  Which makes me look at where I am and where I'm going and wonder . . . what's next, Lord?  
Whatever it is, I'm ready. I think. 

Talking about journaling also convinced me to order a new ten-year journal instead of going with the five-year-model on my desk.  Going with the five-year book seemed to imply a lack of faith.  :-)  

And as we close out 2007, I'd like to leave you with a metaphor that startled me the other day. True story. 

A few years ago I went through an "orchid" phase.  I bought about a dozen orchids and planted them on the front porch, the back porch, etc.  I bought special orchid pots, special orchid growth mediums, and special orchid fertilizers.  I found that I did pretty well with the common phalaenopsis orchids, but I had pinned my hopes on this one cattleya orchid.  Cattleya orchids are the big, frilly flowers women used to wear in corsages at Easter. 

Anyway, years passed and my phalaenopsis orchids either thrived or died.  I lost interest in orchids and moved on, happy to let my orchids fend for themselves.  My cattleya, however, just sat in its pot--didn't die, didn't grow, didn't bloom.  Just sat there.  

So about a month ago I moved it to the front step.  It's more exposed there, a location where it would have to thrive or die.  

One day last week, I ran out to get the mail . . . and stopped in my tracks.  The cattleya had bloomed--one pretty yellow flower.  Once it had fully opened, I brought it inside where I could see it more often. 

As pretty as it was, however, I think a few bugs had begun to nibble on it . . . as you can see from the picture.  So I stared at my orchid and immediately realized that an orchid is like a dream. You think it's never going to happen, you wonder if you should even continue to pray, and then, just when you least expect it, voila!  And sometimes that dream may appear a little ragged, and not exactly what you expected . . . 

But still . . . it's there.  It's alive.  And you can enjoy it.  



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful analogy, Angie. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom, your talents, and your humor! Have a beautiful New Year! Clyde

Kay Day said...

That's a beautiful analogy. Maybe sometimes we have to re-frame our dream. Move it around a little. Maybe what we're doing with it now just doesn't work?

I got a weekly planner that I am going to use for a journal. Each day has six lines. It will do the job for now as I'm not sure I can commit to anything more than that!

Angela said...

Happy new year to you, too, Clyde! And yes, Kay, sometimes I think we do have to move our dreams to the front porch step--a place where they'll thrive or die.

But ultimately, the wise woman entrusts her dreams to God's hands. Because he knows more what we need than we do. And when we need it. :-)