Saturday, April 26, 2008

Intelligent Design and Darwinism

The other day I heard someone ask "What do you think is the biggest problem facing the world today?"  Though I didn't have time to jump into the email discussion, as I privately considered the question, I have to say that I think most of the world's ills today evolve from something almost as insidious as sin:  Darwinism. 

Before Darwin pronounced his theory of evolution, most civilized men had a good concept of themselves as created beings, created by God and ultimately responsible to him.  Darwinism and evolutionism, however, opened the door for man to become his own god, the top of the pyramid, and bumped God entirely out of the picture. When life is considered to be the mere end result of biological processes, then life becomes cheap. Why value babies if you can produce them at the drop of a hat? Why consider man more responsible than animals? Why weigh the eternal implications of our actions? Why choose to do the right thing in private if no one is looking or keeping account? 

I'm sure you've heard about Ben Stein and his movie, EXPELLED.  I've blogged about it, and if it's playing near you, PLEASE go see it. It's not a Christian movie, but rather a movie about how so many modern scientists simply refuse to consider Intelligent Design as even a possibility for the origin of the universe. Not only will they not consider ID, but they insist on heaping scorn and abuse on the heads of anyone who supports it. 

I've been reading editorials in my paper--people who have not investigated the first thing about ID call it "religion in costume" and say that it's nothing but an attempt to take us back to the Dark Ages. That sort of prejudice and ignorance astounds me. 

My friend Jim Bell (thanks, Jim!) pointed me to this web site.   Here you can download a PDF file designed to enable educators to truly understand the issues behind ID and Darwinism. 

For instance, I found this quote in that PDF document: "A fair result can only be obtained by fully balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question."  Know who said that?  Charles Darwin. 

I urge you to download that PDF document and read it.  Give it to friends who are teachers.  Use it to write rebuttal letters to the editor of your local paper.  Take the intention of EXPELLED to the next level . . . surely we can gather enough momentum among the people of this country to restore true intellectual freedom instead of academic snobbery that refuses to acknowledge that someone higher-than-human must have created order out of chaos. 



Lisa said...

I thought Expelled was very well done, and eye opening. I was most saddened by how deceived people are. Especially the gentleman from Texas with the brain tumor. Very sad.
The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky (outside of Cincinnati, OH) is an awesome place to see the melding of science and Creationism. I really can't say enough good things about that place! We took our family there last summer, and if I didn't live so far away, I would get yearly passes. The way they explain the history of the earth scientifically, yet based solely on the foundation of the Bible, is incredible!

sara said...

I think one of the moments in the movie that made me the saddest was when one of the scientists was asked what he would say to God if he were wrong and stood before him after death. His answer.......why did you work so hard at hiding your self. Wow, to look around at creation and see the beauty and glory. That statement must have sadden our Lord.

Thanks for posting on this!

Bonnie Way aka the Koala Mom said...

Excellent document - explains ID very well. I was homeschooled and our science curriculum showed some of the problems with evolution. However, most people have been taught evolution as science and refuse to question it.

Diane Meyer said...

Thanks for your input on this. This is such a huge issue today, but is not recognized as such. We'll be seeing the movie this weekend.