Saturday, July 19, 2008

Harry Kraus's new blog

My pal Harry Kraus has a new blog--don't know Harry?  

I met Harry some years ago at a writer's conference.  Harry is a great novelist, a practicing surgeon (in Kenya, yet!), a missionary, and a godly man.  He has just undertaken blogging, and you will notice that I've added a link to his site . . . look at the blogroll on your right.  :-)  Or click here

Harry has helped me get my surgical terms correct more than once, and I'm so pleased to call him a friend.  So let's welcome him to blogdom--will you please drop by his blog and drop him a note?  Check out his new web design, too--and his photos.  They're amazing! 

Today's photo:  a yeti crab. 



SmilingSally said...

I couldn't see Harry's blog link on the side. Maybe you could add a link within the post.

Suzanne said...

The yeti crab looks so soft and cuddly, like a stuffed animal. I'm loving these pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Again today I am amazed at the latest in your series of "critter" photos ... at the creative design of them, and at how much there is in God's universe that we have never even known about! Thanks, Angie, for the many ways you keep expanding our knowledge base. These certainly fit in your "unexpected" category! Clyde

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing Harry's blog. He is a gifted speaker! That commencement message he gave was exactly what I needed to hear today.

Anonymous said...

Harry is an amazing writer. I love his books. His new Perfect is outstanding. What a writing voice.

Mocha with Linda said...

Woohoo! I love his stuff and I'm thrilled he has a blog. Thanks for sharing it.

I feel like I've been in the desert for a week without my computer. However, the mission trip was incredible.

Angela said...

Glad to hear your trip was memorable, Linda. And I can relate--after I spent a week in the Amazon jungle, the first thing I did was hunt down an internet cafe!