Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reading the Bible Through . . .

I do a LOT of reading in my work--some for pleasure, some for research, some to learn, some for personal development. But nothing is as important as the daily reading I do in the Bible.  For one thing, it helps me discern Truth from a platitude. 

I had a professor in my community college who once told our class that "God helps those who help themselves" was in the Bible.  Because we were good friends, I caught him after class and said "Sorry, but that's not Scripture."  He couldn't believe it, but I told him I'd eat my words if he could find it in there.  He couldn't.  

A couple of years ago I challenged my blog readers to read the Bible through with me in 90 days.  Any of you remember that?  It was a lot of reading, but it was a great challenge.  After that, I decided to read the Bible through in TWO years, a slower and more reflective pace.  Now that's done, so for 2009 I want to read the Bible through again. 

So--who wants to join me?  I got a new Bible for Christmas (I like doing it with a fresh copy dedicated just to this project), so I'll be jumping in on January 1.    You can, if you like, get a special "one year" Bible with the sections marked.  One year I read the Bible through in the Chronological Bible, which gives you the texts as they happened on a timeline of history--fascinating!  

My new Bible (The NLT study Bible) has daily passages marked, plus some background reading, so I think it's going to take a couple of years to get through it all.  But that's okay. As long as we're moving forward . . .

But however you choose to do it, if you want to join me, let me know!  It's a great way to begin your day each morning. 



sara said...

Just wanted you to know I stayed up late finishing The Face last night!! I loved it!!! I did not expect the ending though and actually gasped!! Another great book, Angela!!

Terri L. Gillespie said...

Count me in. I picked up The 365 Daily Promise Bible at ICRS and wanted to go through it. It's an interesting version, the New Life Version which is geared for readers whose second language is English.

Anonymous said...

It's been several years since I read the Bible straight through. Honestly don't remember how long it took because it was the first time I had read some of the chapters and I did a lot of going back to re-read. Also, I was still working full-time then. So, I'll take your challenge. I think I'll use my annotated version from Zondervan. I like using that one for clarification. This way I'll read it with all the embedded notations. Clyde

Kay Day said...

The NLT is a great version to read through. I like to go at a slower pace myself. I've just been reading here and there. Whatever book is on my heart.

Holly said...

Sure, I will! I just finished the NLT version and have been looking for one of our other ones for the new year. Whatever I find, I would love to read through it with you, Angie!

Anonymous said...

Angie, I got the same Bible for Christmas and love it. It's also available for the Logos software, BTW. Anyway, the reading plan they have in the NLT Study Bible takes 5 years to go through. In 1996, I began a reading program of reading the whole Bible through in odd years and reading the New Testament three to four times in even years. Now, after 12 years of that plan, I've decided to use the NLT Study Bible's plan and slow things down. I may or may not go through it from front to back. I may skip around from book to book, from Old Testament, then New, then Old. Owners of this study Bible can pull the PDF reading plan off of the NLT Study Bible web site so you don't have to check the boxes in the Bible itself.

I'm really looking forward to utilizing all of the study helps in this Bible. Five years seems like a long time after so many years of reading the way I have (especially after the 90 day reading), but I'm expecting it to be rich too.


Anonymous said...

Add me to your list. This is just the motivation I needed. Just ordered that specific Bible but won't get it in time to start on Jan 1 but I do have an NLT, I can begin reading so that I will develop the proper timeline.

Anonymous said...


I'll be reading along with you through the NLT, but I don't know about the pace. I'm planning--beginning Jan. 1--to read through the entire NLT in two years, but that's also alternating with my favorite study translation, the ESV. I've been using both translations--I love the NLT for mostly "straight reading"--and thinking I'd go through the Bible again in a year. But I found I couldn't do it and still do the deeper study I seem to need, in addition to a more direct reading.

So my plan is to continue my study with the ESV while reading the NLT in two years, accomplishing a thorough read-through in that time. And if it ends up taking five years--so be it.

So I'm taggin' along!

I hope you had a nice Christmas. We had no snow, which is a big phhttt! for me. I NEED snow for Christmas!


Angela said...

Thanks, everybody, for joining me in this effort! Let's agree that the pace isn't the thing, the important thing is consistency. Just pick a reading plan, no matter how fast or slow, and commit to it. :-)

I love the way the Word is always fresh and new. I always see and notice things I didn't catch on my previous read-throughs.

On to 2009!


Lisa said...

I bought that Chronological Bible a while back and need to make a point to read it through this year.

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

I'm late with this but wanted to say "I'm in!"

Last year I bought the NIV Life Application Study Bible - um - large print. It does include a 365 day reading schedule, but, like most of you, I want to slow down and soak in The Word, taking all the notes, "side roads" and cross-references,Bible marking pens in hand.

Does anyone have a slower reading plan for maybe two years--even more? Or is it better to just 'go at my own pace?'

My husband and I alternate every other year and go through one of the Bible In a Year study's, but I want to do this in my private time and - as I said - absorb God's Word.

Good idea, Angie! Count me in.

And may you all have the best of the best in the coming year.

Kay Day said...

I have a document that someone made. It has all the books and then each chapter in a little box. So as I read a chapter, I can mark it off. There is a space to put the date when I finish the book.
I like it because I can read through the entire Bible, but I can do it in any order I want to.
If anyone wants a copy of the document you can e mail me at keep1hope at comcast dot net and I will sent it to you.

Anonymous said...

Count me in Angela! I have already started around the end of November and have just finished Genesis which I consider to be better than a soap opera! I will be going at my own pace but joining you in spirit! Great idea...kind of like a diet, more fun when others are doing it too!
Wendalyn Love

Peggy Blann Phifer said...

Thank you, Kay. I got it. How simple! It will definitely work just fine.

Caitriona said...

I am even later than Peggy but count me in. I have never read it through the entire Bible but I have wanted to for some time. Thanks for the encouragement.

A happy heart at home said...

I've tried several times to read the Bible through in a year, but I never got very far. I was going to start again today with my NLT One Year Bible, then my husband said he wanted to read the Bible through this year with me and our youngest daughter (the only one still at home), so we took turns reading it out loud. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Dear Angie,

I LOVE reading the Bible, but even better is reading it very slowly and using supplemental resources, so I'm IN. I'm going to read the Bible using my NKJV, the Message, and study notes from my husband's NIV Life Application Study Bible which is great.

I have been leading a Ladies Bible study this way, through the book of Luke, and I cannot believe all the Lord has taught me!

God's blessing to you all, through the New Year!

Dorothy Bentley

Unknown said...

Count me in! I'm following the Holman Illustrated Study Bible One-Year Reading Plan. I think it would be cool for Lifeway to create an RSS feed with each day's four passages, which would be convenient when we're in places where we're more likely to have a laptop than a Bible.