Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paperback Writer

Okay--yesterday I showed you the vid from the "Day in the Office" folks. Today I have a video put together by some of my gal pals--Terri Blackstock, Carolyne Aarsen, Robin Lee Hatcher, and Kristin Billerbeck. We had lots of fun shooting this goofy thing, so enjoy! (And a big thanks to Robin Lee for splicing it all together!)

P.S. Happy Birthday to my Mom! :-)



Mocha with Linda said...

Absolutely LOVED it! Those folks at the office aren't nearly as much fun as you gals! I loved it when you whirled around in your chair.

Thanks for the smile!

Kathy Cassel said...

Bet you guys had a lot of fun doing that.

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY cool!!! (and hi Carolyn!!!!)

Sue Plett

Deborah said...

A Day at the Office was funny but this was even better. Great choice of songs....I liked the spinning chair too!

Gene said...


Way to go, girls!

Gene said...

PS - Hey Angie, Thanks for posting the fun videos. It gives me stuff to put on my blog when I'm too lazy to write something!

Anonymous said...

Great fun! Thanks, Angie.

But Terri was having way too much fun! People will think writing is easy. Ha.

Kudos to you all on the creativity.
Mary Kay

The Dynamic Uno said...

What a great video!

SmilingSally said...