Saturday, January 02, 2010

Congrats to Sherry!

Sherry at 7:56 p.m. is the winner of the much-underlined Bible, so Sherry, if you'll send me your mailing address, I'll drop it in the mail to you. I don't know how many margin notes you'll find, but I hope you find some interesting! :-)

I spent most of New Year's Day cleaning out my garage and doing an inventory of all the books stored there . . . long enough to remind me to remind you that you can buy books directly from my garage, you know. We even toss in a free book with every order! Look on my website under "shop/hard to find".

The Syfy Channel had a Twilight Zone marathon on New Year's Day . . . and I caught the end of one program called "The Old Man in the Cave." It was about a man who had told the town not to eat some boxes of food and drink because the food was contaminated and it would kill them. But then some outsiders came to town and began to urge the people to eat and drink, assuring them that there WAS no old man in the cave. Sure enough, the outsiders led the townspeople up the hill and they charged into the cave, only to find a computer there. So the people destroyed it, and went back to eating and drinking like gluttons.

Next scene: they were all dead, except for the prophet. Who reminded us viewers that faithlessness can kill people as surely as anything else.

Wow. Amazingly profound. I love the metaphor and how it pertains to God's instructions about right living.



Mocha with Linda said...

Great story and analogy!

Caitriona said...

oops! too late.